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Biography Edit

Sue is the Director, Editor and maker of tea at Tiny Owl Workshop. She manages the overall direction and integration of The Lane of Unusual Traders. She also manages the story arcs for The Jolly Strangler and The Kraken.

Bibliography Edit

Editor, Napkin Stories (February 2013)

What the Dead Wear, flash fiction story for Eleven Magazine (Ireland - June 2013)

Editor, Pillow Fight (September 2013) with artist Nancy Brown

Editor, Napkin Stories - Halloween (October 2013) with Kate MacDonald (UK)

Editor, Unfettered - short story collection (in production) with artist Terry Whidborne

Editor, The Lane of Unusual Traders - world-building project (short story collection in production)

Writer of words for Will You Be My Sweetheart? with artist David Jumble, edited by Susan Prior

Publisher, Krampus Crackers with Kahli Scott and Vicky Pointing

Tulips, Voices, The Maquess of Time - 3 flash fiction pieces published as part of the Open Changes project - If:Book Australia

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