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Formerly a shop on Lot 18 in the Lane of Unusual Traders. Moulde's Pteridophytes, run by Caractacus Moulde, was the fernery that acted as a front for Black Square Irrealty, an occult real estate franchise of which Mr Moulde was the franchisee.

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Many of the ferns sold in Moulde's Pteridophytes were of unknown provenance and possessed exotic medicinal properties – Mr Moulde knew next to nothing of this, whereas his shop-boy, Dimity, was essentially an unqualified pharmacist.

Black Square Irrealty, agents for occult real estate for whom Mr Moulde was a franchisee, appear to have been around, in one form or another, for a very long time (see Womb-of-Mine). Their relationship to the Kraken is unclear, though unlikely to be friendly. From the look of the map in Mr Moulde’s backroom cupboard, they are (or anyway were) playing a longer, larger game across all of Midlfell, with the Kraken as a relatively new, but very powerful and dangerous player in that game.

Moulde's Pteridophytes, and with it the branch of Black Square Irrealty that hid behind it, were destroyed in a conflagration of unknown origin sometime between the First and Second Rebellions. Neither the fate nor current whereabouts of either Mr Moulde or Dimity are known. The charred and ruinous space was soon taken over by the Whole-in-the-Whorl, the currency exchange owned and operated by the Sudiczki sisters.

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Robert G. Cook

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Jodi Cleghorn and S. G. Larner, thanks for your sense-making beta-reading!